YetAnotherCoupler 3.2.0
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Data Fields
yac_grid_cell Struct Reference

#include <grid_cell.h>

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Data Fields

double(* coordinates_xyz )[3]
enum yac_edge_typeedge_type
size_t num_corners
size_t array_size

Detailed Description

test_area.c, test_basic_grid_data.c, test_cell_bnd_circle.c, test_clipping.c, test_compute_overlap_area.c, test_grid2vtk.c, test_interp_grid_parallel.c, test_lat_clipping.c, test_partial_areas.c, and test_point_in_cell.c.

Definition at line 18 of file grid_cell.h.

Field Documentation

◆ array_size

size_t yac_grid_cell::array_size

size in elements of the arrays: coordinates_x, coordinates_y, edge_type and 1/3 of coordinates_xyz

Definition at line 22 of file grid_cell.h.

◆ coordinates_xyz

double(* yac_grid_cell::coordinates_xyz)[3]

◆ edge_type

enum yac_edge_type* yac_grid_cell::edge_type

◆ num_corners

size_t yac_grid_cell::num_corners

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