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Data Fields
yac_dist_grid Struct Reference
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Data Fields

yac_coordinate_pointer vertex_coordinates
yac_intids [3]
int * num_vertices_per_cell
size_t * cell_to_vertex
size_t * cell_to_vertex_offsets
size_t * cell_to_edge
size_t * cell_to_edge_offsets
yac_size_t_2_pointer edge_to_vertex
struct bounding_circlecell_bnd_circles
enum yac_edge_typeedge_type
struct remote_point_infosowners [3]
size_t total_count [3]
size_t count [3]
int * core_mask [3]
yac_intsorted_ids [3]
size_t * sorted_reorder_idx [3]
struct yac_field_data_setfield_data
MPI_Comm comm

Detailed Description


Definition at line 89 of file dist_grid.c.

Field Documentation

◆ cell_bnd_circles

struct bounding_circle* yac_dist_grid::cell_bnd_circles

Definition at line 98 of file dist_grid.c.

◆ cell_to_edge

size_t* yac_dist_grid::cell_to_edge

Definition at line 95 of file dist_grid.c.

◆ cell_to_edge_offsets

size_t* yac_dist_grid::cell_to_edge_offsets

Definition at line 96 of file dist_grid.c.

◆ cell_to_vertex

size_t* yac_dist_grid::cell_to_vertex

Definition at line 93 of file dist_grid.c.

◆ cell_to_vertex_offsets

size_t* yac_dist_grid::cell_to_vertex_offsets

Definition at line 94 of file dist_grid.c.

◆ comm

MPI_Comm yac_dist_grid::comm

Definition at line 107 of file dist_grid.c.

◆ core_mask

int* yac_dist_grid::core_mask[3]

Definition at line 103 of file dist_grid.c.

◆ count

size_t yac_dist_grid::count[3]

Definition at line 102 of file dist_grid.c.

◆ edge_to_vertex

yac_size_t_2_pointer yac_dist_grid::edge_to_vertex

Definition at line 97 of file dist_grid.c.

◆ edge_type

enum yac_edge_type* yac_dist_grid::edge_type

Definition at line 99 of file dist_grid.c.

◆ field_data

struct yac_field_data_set* yac_dist_grid::field_data

Definition at line 106 of file dist_grid.c.

◆ ids

yac_int* yac_dist_grid::ids[3]

Definition at line 91 of file dist_grid.c.

◆ num_vertices_per_cell

int* yac_dist_grid::num_vertices_per_cell

Definition at line 92 of file dist_grid.c.

◆ owners

struct remote_point_infos* yac_dist_grid::owners[3]

Definition at line 100 of file dist_grid.c.

◆ sorted_ids

yac_int* yac_dist_grid::sorted_ids[3]

Definition at line 104 of file dist_grid.c.

◆ sorted_reorder_idx

size_t* yac_dist_grid::sorted_reorder_idx[3]

Definition at line 105 of file dist_grid.c.

◆ total_count

size_t yac_dist_grid::total_count[3]

Definition at line 101 of file dist_grid.c.

◆ vertex_coordinates

yac_coordinate_pointer yac_dist_grid::vertex_coordinates

Definition at line 90 of file dist_grid.c.

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