YetAnotherCoupler 3.2.0_a
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Data Fields
field_config Struct Reference
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Data Fields

char const * name
int id
struct comp_grid_pair_config comp_grid_pair
int src_comp_idx
struct src_field_config src_interp_config
struct tgt_field_config tgt_interp_config
enum yac_interp_weights_reorder_type reorder_type
double frac_mask_fallback_value
double scale_factor
double scale_summand
size_t collection_size

Detailed Description

test_dummy_coupling2_c.c, and test_instance_parallel2.c.

Definition at line 134 of file instance.c.

Field Documentation

◆ collection_size

size_t field_config::collection_size

Definition at line 151 of file instance.c.

◆ comp_grid_pair

struct comp_grid_pair_config field_config::comp_grid_pair

Definition at line 139 of file instance.c.

◆ frac_mask_fallback_value

double field_config::frac_mask_fallback_value

Definition at line 147 of file instance.c.

◆ id

int field_config::id

Definition at line 137 of file instance.c.

◆ name

char const* field_config::name

Definition at line 136 of file instance.c.

◆ reorder_type

enum yac_interp_weights_reorder_type field_config::reorder_type

Definition at line 145 of file instance.c.

◆ scale_factor

double field_config::scale_factor

Definition at line 149 of file instance.c.

◆ scale_summand

double field_config::scale_summand

Definition at line 149 of file instance.c.

◆ src_comp_idx

int field_config::src_comp_idx

Definition at line 140 of file instance.c.

◆ src_interp_config

struct src_field_config field_config::src_interp_config

Definition at line 142 of file instance.c.

◆ tgt_interp_config

struct tgt_field_config field_config::tgt_interp_config

Definition at line 143 of file instance.c.

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