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xt_idxsection.h File Reference
#include "xt/xt_idxlist.h"
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Xt_idxlist xt_idxsection_new (Xt_int start, int num_dimensions, const Xt_int global_size[num_dimensions], const int local_size[num_dimensions], const Xt_int local_start[num_dimensions])
Xt_idxlist xt_idxsection_unpack (void *buffer, int buffer_size, int *position, MPI_Comm comm)

Detailed Description

Jörg Behrens behre.nosp@m.ns@d.nosp@m.krz.d.nosp@m.e Moritz Hanke Thomas Jahns

Definition in file xt_idxsection.h.

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◆ xt_idxsection_new()

Xt_idxlist xt_idxsection_new ( Xt_int  start,
int  num_dimensions,
const Xt_int  global_size[num_dimensions],
const int  local_size[num_dimensions],
const Xt_int  local_start[num_dimensions] 

generates an index list that is comprised of a section of a set of indices that are arranged in an n-dimensional cartesian coordinate system. The linear index correspondence is computed such that the right-most dimension is the one where indices increase fastest (i.e. according to C convention).

[in]startlowest index of the global array (typically 0 or 1)
[in]num_dimensionsnumber of dimensions
[in]global_sizeglobal size of each dimension
[in]local_sizesize of the local section in each dimension
[in]local_startvector with the lowest position in each dimension of the local window within the global index space
Negative values for global_size and local_size are allowed. Negative signs do not change the set of selected indices, only their ordering (see Negative global and local sizes).

Definition at line 327 of file xt_idxsection.c.

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◆ xt_idxsection_unpack()

Xt_idxlist xt_idxsection_unpack ( void *  buffer,
int  buffer_size,
int *  position,
MPI_Comm  comm 

Definition at line 418 of file xt_idxsection.c.

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