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Using Hybrid (OpenMP+MPI) parallelization via YAXT


Since most YAXT routines call into MPI internally, YAXT cannot provide for multi-threading beyond the guarantees of the MPI implementation. This means: For multiple threads to call YAXT functions/routines simultaneously, MPI must have been initialized such that it provides MPI_THREAD_MULTIPLE. Concurrent collective calls can only be issued on objects bound to different communicators or to constructors that take a communicator argument if each concurrent call is provided with a different communicator.

If the above holds, any YAXT calls made after xt_initialize are meant to be thread-safe, i.e. if you find any data races in YAXT the authors would very much appreciate receiving word of this.

Currently, only the usually repeating data exchange part of YAXT is parallelized with OpenMP, i.e. no xmap constructor is parallelized so far. Data exchange means one of the following redist methods: xt_redist_s_exchange, xt_redist_a_exchange, xt_redist_s_exchange1, and xt_redist_a_exchange1.

Modes of operation in YAXT

For every redist constructor kind there are two versions in YAXT one that uses the default run-time configuration parameters and one that accepts custom parameters as an extra argument/parameter.

The default configuration is determined during xt_initialize and depends on compile-time presets and environment variables. By setting the XT_CONFIG_DEFAULT_MULTI_THREAD_MODE environment variable to a string matching one of the below constants case-insensitively, one can change the default.

The multi-threading operation mode is fixed at constructor call time. Changing the configuration object used does not change the behaviour of redists previously constructed from the same configuration object.

Currently the following two modes of operation are implemented:


For redists constructed with this mode, message passing happens of in single-threaded fashion. Different threads can still perform data exchanges for different redists concurrently, but the work needed for each exchange is not shared.


Each data exchange opens an OpenMP parallel region and uses work sharing to handle multiple transfers concurrently. Consequently, data exchange methods for redists configured this way are meant to be called by the master thread when outside a parallel region.

Note: nested parallelism has not yet been explored.

Selecting operation mode in code

To configure a redist for automatic OpenMP-parallel operation, independent of the default mode, create and modify a configuration object as follows:

USE yaxt
TYPE(xt_config) :: my_config
my_config = xt_config_new()
! ...
CALL xt_redist_p2p_new(my_xmap, mpi_double_precision, my_config)
void xt_config_set_redist_mthread_mode(Xt_config config, int mode)
Definition: xt_config.c:215
Xt_config xt_config_new(void)
Definition: xt_config.c:77
Xt_redist xt_redist_p2p_new(Xt_xmap xmap, MPI_Datatype datatype)