YetAnotherCoupler 3.2.0
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N-Nearest-Neighbour interpolation

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This method supports source fields that are defined on points at the grid corners, cells, or edges.

For each target point, this method searches for the "n" nearest source points. Using the weighting method selected by the user, the interpolation stencil will be generated from the found source points.

Grid connection information is not taken into account by this interpolation method.

Source field


  • Number of source points per target point (mandatory)
  • Weighting method (default: weighted: arithmetic_average)
    • arithmetic_average

      Simple average

      Target field
      n = 1n = 4n = 9

    • distance_weighted

      Inverse distance weighting

      Target field
      n = 1n = 4n = 9

    • gauss_weighted

      Gaussian filter

      This method has an additional optional scaling parameter.
      Through empirical tests a good default value has be determined. (default: gauss_scale: YAC_INTERP_NNN_GAUSS_SCALE_DEFAULT)

      Target field
      n = 1n = 4n = 9

    • zero

      Zero weight

      Sets the weight to zero (number of source points per target has to be 1).
      This method can be useful if a weight file generated by YAC is supposed to be used by another software that does not support the Fixed value interpolation. In this case this option can be used to set target points to "0.0".

YAML example

- nnn:
n: 4
weighted: arithmetic_average