YetAnotherCoupler  2.4.1
Description of how to build and run the Java GUI

The folder "gui" contains a Java project for the graphical user interface that lets a user do the coupling configuration with some mouse clicks.

The java classes for the GUI are described in the local YAC directory "/gui/doc/index.html" in its own set of html files.

To have a look at the current state of the GUI, you can compile and run the Java project. Note that currently it requires to have ant installed on your system.

  • Navigate to the folder "gui"
  • Build the Java project:
ant build
  • Create the runnable jar lib:
ant create_run_jar
  • Run the program by double clicking on the jar file, or optionally run the command:
java -jar CouplingGui.jar

or with help of ant:

ant CouplingGui

These commands should build and run the project without errors. If everything works as expected, a Java Swing panel should show up.

To generate updated javadoc documentation based on the current code, run the command:

ant generate_javadoc


javadoc -version -private -d doc -classpath lib/junit-4.8.1.jar -sourcepath src -subpackages de.mpg.mpimet.yacgui