YetAnotherCoupler 3.1.1
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Radial basis function interpolation

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This method supports source fields that are defined on points at the grid corners, cells, or edges. It is based on "Reinheimer, J., 2018: Vector Field Interpolation using Radial Basis Functions. pp 68.".

For each target point this method searches for the n nearest neighbours and then computes the weights based on the distances between the source points and the target point using the selected radial basis functions.

Source field


  • Number of source points per target point (default: n: 9)
  • Scaling factor (default: rbf_scale: YAC_INTERP_RBF_SCALE_DEFAULT)
  • Radial basis function (default: rbf_kernel: gauss_kernel)
    • gauss_kernel

      Gaussian function

      Target field
      n = 1n = 4n = 9

YAML example

- rbf
n: 4
rbf_kernel: gauss_kernel