YetAnotherCoupler 3.1.1
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Average interpolation

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This method supports source fields that are defined on grid vertices or cells. In case it is defined on cells, the user has to provide coordinates for the cells, for example cell centers.

For each target point, this method searches for a matching source cell. If the source field is defined on the cells, YAC will generate a grid based on the provided coordinates and will use this instead of the original source grid.

The method will then apply the selected weighting method to compute the interpolation stencil for all target points using the non-masked corners of the matching source cells.

Source field


  • Weighting type (default: weighted: arithmetic_average)
    • arithmetic_average

      Simple average

Target field
  • distance_weighted

    Inverse distance weighting

Target field
  • barycentric_coordinate

    YAC will first triangulate the source cell and then find the matching source triangle for the target point. The weights are then computed based on the barycentric coordinates of the target point within this triangle.

Target field
  • Partial coverage (default: partial_coverage: false)

    Target points that match with source cells that have at least one masked corner will not be interpolated by this interpolation method, if partial_coverage is set to false.

YAML example

- average:
weighted: barycentric_coordinate
partial_coverage: true